Very friendly and genuine doctor. My mother was diagnosed with heart failure due to 4 blockages. Performing Bypass surgery was the only option, that too was very risky. We consulted 3 cardiologists and surgeons but no one was ready to operate on her due to the low pumping of the heart. We met Dr. Gaurav Ganeshwala at Ruby Hall hospital and he suggested 2 stage angioplasty for her to minimize the risk of surgery. The 1st angioplasty was very challenging but she tolerated it well and was discharged in 5 days. The subsequent 2nd angioplasty was easy as the pumping was improved after the 1st angioplasty. Very confident and sensible Cardiologist. Thanks for everything.
Meghana Agarwal
My father complained of severe chest pain & was suggested angiography after echo. We came to know about Dr. Ganeshwala at Ruby Hall Clinic from my colleague's great experience with him so we went there and we were treated with utmost promptness & friendliness. Major blockage was found on both of the sides during angiography which was to be treated urgently & on priority as noticed by me as well. It was a life threatening condition & i still get scared while thinking about it. I am thankful to Dr. Ganeshwala & Ruby Hall Clinic team as because of their expertise in the field they were able to normalize the condition & gave the joy back to us. Thank you so much Sir!!
-Jose Chacko
Dr. Gaurav Ganeshwala is a very humble and positive cardiologist. My uncle had undergone Angioplasty at some other hospital just 6 months ago. His angioplasty failed in less than 6 months period and now this time even the cardiac surgeons refused to perform bypass surgery due to high risk. Dr. Gaurav was so positive and confident about performing the repeat angioplasty without much of risk. Finally my uncle underwent successful angioplasty with 2 stents and the best thing was, he was discharged within 48 hrs without any kind of complications. We are really thankful to Dr. Ganeshwala & team.
Highly recommended. My 82 year old grandfather had 5 blockages in the heart tubes. He was advised open heart bypass surgery by some other cardiologist. Considering very old age and overall weak body condition, surgeons refused to perform surgery. Dr. Gaurav Ganeshwala gave a second option of angioplasty considering the old age. He and his team performed the difficult angioplasty with a special technique of Rota-ablation with 4 stents. My grandfather was discharged in 2 days and could avoid open heart surgery. Thanks to Dr. Gaurav and the Ruby Hall team.
-Mangesh Gaikwad
Dr. Ganeshwala is a highly knowledgeable and skillful cardiologist. My father had a major heart attack and Dr. ganeshwala attended him immediately even at 11.30 in the night. He performed a difficult angioplasty for my father in emergency during midnight and saved his life. My father was discharged in 3 days and is doing extremely well after that. I strongly recommend him.
-Harsh Marathe
Best cardiologist in Pune!
-Rahul Goyal