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Yoga: Secret to a Healthy Heart!

Tired of the same old health routine for your heart? It’s time to refresh your mind and un-dust that yoga mat! Whether you choose power, hot, or Hatha, the various benefits of this 5,000-year-old practice are endless. When most think of yoga, meditation and relaxation are the only two things that come to mind. While these are important for the health benefits they provide, it even goes beyond finding your “Solace self”. 

Recall all of the workout fads that came and went over the last decade, there must be hundreds, but Yoga is here to stay.

If you have a heart ailment, talk to your Cardiologist about which level of yoga may be right for you in interest to your usual therapy. And if you’re a freshman or have health concerns, speak with the yoga instructor prior to class. Your instructor will offer tips and alterations so you can get the most out of the session. 

Here are a few of the health benefits that yoga has to offer:

Boosts Physical Activity

Physical inactivity is a vital risk factor in developing heart disease for both men and women. Research shows that people who practice yoga are more likely to stay active and adopt healthy eating habits, which protect the heart. It is recommended to practice yoga 40 minutes, 5 days per week to inherit all the benefits.

Helps You Manage Stress

While researchers haven’t concluded exactly how stress contributes to heart disease, stress can lead to an increase in behaviors and other determinants that elevate heart disease risk. These include smoking, physical inactivity, overeating, and hypertension.

Greater mind-body awareness

Yoga enthusiasts say that yoga practices decrease their stress, motivates them to exercise more regularly and, inspires them to eat healthier. These changes may reflect the strengthened mind-body awareness that yoga practitioners experience. You’re more aware of the positive feelings you enjoy when you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. 


Sometimes it is difficult to wind down after a long day and get that much-needed sleep. Invest some time in the breathing and meditation techniques of yoga to slow down your heart rate and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Eight hours of sleep a night is a must for your mind and body’s health.

Sure, a bowl of Oatmeal may help lower your blood pressure, but so can a warrior sequence. Studies have shown that yoga can slow down your heart rate, a great benefit to those with blood pressure issues, as well as heart diseases.